CrossCraft Transforms the Usual Crossword Puzzle With Tons of Customization Options

The new game features tons of customization and personalization options and much more.

To begin, you can dive into crosswords featuring an extensive range of topics—everything from general knowledge to Harry Potter or even the Flutter programming language.

But that’s far from all. You can then customize the puzzle by adding your own clue-answer pairs. That’s perfect for teachers, parents to help provide a fun challenge for students.

If you don’t want to use any of the themes, you can even create a crossword with just custom questions and answers.

When you need to create a crossword, you can select from five sizes, three shapes, and three levels of difficulty.

Two shapes are prefect to fit a full page. When exporting or sharing a page, the game also provides the option to export the puzzle and clue parts separately. That will improve readability or larger crosswords.

The game and all topic content are available in seven languages. All of the crossword creation happens directly on your device. With that, you don’t need any Internet connection to play.

Designed for the iPhone and all iPad models, CrossCraft is a free download on the App Store now. A native Mac app is planned soon.

There is also an optional CrossCraft Premium subscription for $6.99 per year, $0.99 per month, or $0.49 weekly. There is also a lifetime access tier for $24.99.

Subscribers import crosswords from CSV/JSPON files and there are no watermark in exports. You’ll also be able to play crosswords of all shapes, sizes, and all three available difficulty levels. The free version only unlocks small and extra small crosswords in the square orientation.

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