Explore Art Therapy and Mindfulness With Groodles

The iPad only app features a wealth of art-based exercises. Some of the wide variety of topics include daily reflections, reflection on what makes you happy, why you are anxious, an exercise at bedtime, and much more. Before starting, you’ll see the time each exercise takes

Completing an exercise is easy and can even be used by kids. You can use an Apple Pencil or even just your finger. Step-by-step audio instructions will guide you through the entire process. There are the usual drawing tools at the bottom of each page.

While I didn’t know what to expect, the prompts were great and I enjoyed completing a number of the exercises. Each one helps turn focus inward and help you better understand yourself in a journey of self-discovery that can be important for everyone.

All of the content is available offline, which is a huge plus for a plane ride or somewhere without an internet connection. The app also supports dark mode and can be used in both portrait and landscape orientation.

I’ve just been using Groodles for a few days but have come away impressed. I’m not exactly an artists, but the app is welcoming and easy for anyone to use. Give it a try and see if you can fit it into a daily routine.

Groodles is a free download on the App Store now,. You’ll be able to try out the app for free for three days and then need a subscription to keep using it. That’s $29.99 yearly.

Subscribers will be able to access hundreds of original artworks to guide you and additional content and exercises.

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