3 Reasons Why AI Isn’t an Artists Competitor

A chilling sensation runs down artist’s spines when AI is discussed. Like everyone, most artists worry about AI replacing them at their jobs. If you’ve been using social media, you may have seen people uploading their pictures in artwork. Surely, no one went to an artist to draw themselves. Also, AI generators are the makers of such enthralling images.

Like the rest, AI won’t take many jobs. It may take over redundant and tiresome duties but not the ones that need amazing human brains. Undoubtedly, paintings and arts fall into that category. So, there’s no need for artists to lose sleep over AI generators.

So, what’s the fuss about? Let us clear something up right here. No AI generator can ever replace artists. AI isn’t human and lacks a humanistic touch. Moreover, art enthusiasts will never accept the displacement of artists. But considering that, artists can take advantage of AI, right?

As Sun Tzu once said, “Keep your friends close and enemies closer”. Following the mantra, artists have found superb assistance in AI’s form. Instead of fearing, artists can befriend AI to be in an advantageous position.

How? Well, this article serves the purpose of proving how AI generators are beneficial for artists. We’ll explore how artists can up their game with AI. So, let’s get started:

Photo courtesy of Emma from Bing AI

Photo courtesy of Emma from Bing AI


Often, artists find themselves in a conundrum situation. They explore ideas around them and still don’t find anything worth drawing. Why? Because they get overwhelmed by their surroundings.

However, AI is always at hand’s length to help them out. Using ChatGPT and, artists can seek help from AI. Using prompts, artists can filter out genius ideas. Sometimes, mingled thoughts don’t let them paint. So, AI tools can help clear their thoughts.

Not only this, AI generators can paint with minimal instructions. So, artists can get an initial outlook on their paintings. Also, it’ll assist them through the process of painting. However, artists generally don’t get help from an external source. But without a doubt, they won’t discard taking help from AI generators that can directly affect the end product.

Also, AI generators can be great for abstract painters. Sometimes, abstract painters lack idea generation. Even if they get the idea, they are clueless about painting it. So, AI generators can assist them in no time. Just roll out the prompt and see the results.

However, there’s an important thing to keep in mind. Such AI tools and generators usually don’t work as intended on a substandard connection. The reason is simple. It’s because they’ve tremendous loads of data and rolling it out on a subpar speed isn’t possible. So, they keep on dragging the results. Because neither a veteran nor an aspiring painter wants to lose touch when in a mood to create, check your connection first before seeking out help from such AI tools.

Photo courtesy of Mediahooch from Pexels


Most times, aspiring artists struggle to sell their artwork. They don’t often find the right market to sell their work. However, digital artists have been gaining a lot of traction lately. It appears they’ve hit a jackpot. But let’s clarify. They haven’t hit any jackpot or treasure chest. They’ve found the right market, and that market encompasses the entire globe.

Using AI tools, anyone can explore the trends among people. For example, you can find out what cereal is top-selling in the United States or what’s the price of tomatoes in Madrid today. Based on AI’s algorithm, you can find anything.

So, using AI tools, artists can explore people’s likes and dislikes. Considering that, they can come up with paintings that are trendy among the masses. Moreover, they can even sell them globally.

Using NFTs, painters can sell paintings digitally. NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are bought or sold digitally. Artists can convert physical paintings to digital assets on NFT platforms.

Photo courtesy of Luca Nardone from Pexels


AR infused with AI can be a game changer for painters. Some artists may find it troubling to picture scenery or objects while painting them down. However, AR can visualize anything for them.

With the help of AR, artists can access the color scheme, lighting, and different settings to maximize results. It’s like gazing at something before perfecting it and then painting it on a canvas. So, using AR, artists can achieve much more than they think.


Most artists are quite conscious of their results and are looking for admiration and insights for their work. However, artists seldom get feedback on possible mistakes in their masterpieces.

AI generators can help them in this regard as well. Using a generator, they can upload images of their paintings for review. The AI generator will thoroughly access the painting and give recommendations. Such recommendations would be reasonable as well. Simply because they’d be coming out of a tool specially designed for the purpose. This way, they can act on the recommendations to make their work more appealing and saleable.

Photo courtesy of RhondaK Native from Unsplash


There’s no need for artists to fear AI. In no sense should they be worried about AI displacing them. Instead, AI tools can work in their favor for the above reasons. Taking advantage of the technological advancements can assist them and secure their place in the world of art.


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