Reddit K-Pop Theories Break Down K.Will’s New Song MV Meaning

K.Will’s (pronounced as K. Will) new comeback song, “No Sad Song for My Broken Heart,” has caused a frenzy among fans. This is because the music video is a sequel to his 2012 hit, “Please Don’t.” Kim Hyung Soo, aka K. Will, has been consistent with his love for twists in the new video while helping fans connect the dots of the original storyline. This article will look at the meaning of K.Will’s latest music video and the Reddit theories regarding the story.

Korean ballad singer K.Will took a long hiatus from the music industry. Many new K-pop fans were unaware of the singer’s past connection with HYBE founder Bang Si Hyuk. The 42-year-old singer initially trained under BTS‘ company founder before venturing on his own path.

Before his 2024 comeback, K.Will took a hiatus for over six years. He released his previous studio album, Mood Indigo, in November 2018. But his long break has only helped him gain massive popularity. The singer’s latest single is a huge hit, garnering over 3.5 million views within days of its release.

K.Will’s new song MV meaning explained

K.Will’s new release, “No Sad Song for My Broken Heart,” features an intriguing MV featuring his “Please Don’t” music video, which stars Seo In Guk and Ahn Jaehyun. The storyline of the new MV shows Seo In Guk and Ahn Jaehyun meeting again and reconnecting after years of staying apart.

Midway through the video, viewers discover that Seo In Guk has passed away, and Jaehyun went to attend his funeral. So, fans have been wondering whether he imagined meeting him in the first few shots, which include an apparent “confession” scene.

Reddit fans believe that the new song by K.Will depicts Jaehyun’s point of view as opposed to “Please Don’t,” which conveys Seo In Guk’s emotion. A fan theorizes, “K. Will used plot twist; it is super effective. And the realization that the lyrics are actually from Jaehyun’s perspective… He has no breakup song because he was never in a relationship with In Guk and realized it too late.”

Another fan argues that the song could be about Jaehyun’s regret that he could not be there for In Guk before his premature demise. So he looks at the clock and wishes he had never reconnected with In Guk and hurt him before they went their separate ways.

There are rumors about another music video release, which will conclude Jaehyun and In Guk’s storyline. A third fan commented about the possibility of a different ending, saying, “I’m hoping for an alternate MV to come out where things aren’t this bleak.”

Meanwhile, the new MV, “No Sad Song For My Broken Heart,” is part of K. Will’s latest EP, All The Way, which contains six tracks. The songs include “Let Me Tell You,” “Opposites,” “Table,” “Lonely Together,” and “Easy Living.”

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