Art Santa Fe 2024 Shines the Spotlight on Four Amazing Artists

As Art Santa Fe looks toward its 24th edition, we are pleased to announce this years recipients of the Spotlight Award. Each artist recognized for their creativity, as well as unique and forward-looking works of art.

Art Santa Fe 2024 will once again have an interesting mix of 80+ exhibiting galleries, art dealers, and artists from across the globe, showcasing original work of hundreds of artists that includes prints, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, ceramics, giclees, lithographs and glass works, among other contemporary and fine art.

This year’s Art Santa Fe is one of the opening events for the sixth annual Santa Fe Art Week, July 11-21, 2024. Art Santa Fe guests will enjoy the fair’s special programming, ranging from immersive artist-led Art Lab experiences to compelling and exciting Meet the Artist sessions.

From the amazing list of exhibitors, Art Santa Fe’s curators present their Spotlight Program recipients, providing collectors a focused look at several cutting-edge artists recognized for their skill and achievement in the visual arts.

Check out this year’s Spotlight Program recipients below!

Bill Sabatini, Bill Sabatini Art – Booth 505

Having worked as an architect for forty years, Bill says he has contributed to the transformation of the New Mexico landscape. His sharp sense of composition, structure, and balance from working in architecture gives a definite perspective to his art. Simple geometry and powerful form with an emphasis on the significance of the relationship between interior (positive) and exterior (negative) space define his design approach. Bill says he picked up the ability to think and see globally. His abstract paintings arouse feelings of solidity, substance, and emotion. The spectacular visual contrasts of the high desert Southwest serve as his inspiration.

Elizabeth Frank, Elizabeth Frank Studio – Booth 228

Elizabeth Frank is an accomplished environmental artist whose work is a stunning reflection of her sculptural and creative skills. Her pieces are a captivating blend of art and nature, inviting the viewer to contemplate the beauty of the world around us. Using a wide range of materials, including wood, stone, and found objects, Elizabeth creates intricate and breathtaking sculptures that capture the essence of the natural world. Her use of texture and form creates a sense of movement and vitality, imbuing her creations with a sense of life and energy.

Ouida Touchon, Ouida Touchon Art – Booth 230

Ouida Touchon is a gifted artist and a master fine art printmaker whose work captures the organic essence of nature. Her works are a stunning tribute to the universe’s beauty and complexity, and her mastery of technique and composition is truly remarkable. Ouida creates works that are both vibrant and nuanced, capturing the essence of her subjects with exceptional skill and artistry using a variety of printmaking techniques such as monotype, collagraph, and mixed media. Her use of color, texture, and form creates a captivating sense of depth and dimensionality, and her art invites the viewer to explore the beauty and mystery of nature in a profound and meaningful way.

Vivienne Riggio, Vivienne Riggio Art – Booth 105

Vivienne Riggio has a comprehensive portfolio that documents her artistic journey and accomplishments. The most recent works are large scale mythical creatures that connect us to another time, another place, each emphasizes the intricate details and vibrant colors that define her style. Drawing on her experience in operatic costume design, she creates shaman-like sculptures that evoke a departure from conventional imagery to an unfamiliar place of wonder. Each piece created by Vivienne is accompanied by insightful descriptions and contextual background, allowing a better understanding of her inspiration and creative processes. These pieces transcend the cultures we think of as the norm, the ordinary, the customary, and take our imaginations to a place of our own invention.

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