Play Nine Card Game Just $15.99 on Amazon (Fun Gift Idea)

This tee-riffic card game is a blast for the whole family!

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Through June 15th, pop over to Amazon where they’re offering this highly rated Play Nine Card Game for only $15.99 (regularly $18.99) when you clip the $2 digital coupon!

Add this game to your collection…

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Our team loves this game!

We recently played Play Nine on a family vacation with our dad and sister and had a blast! We played several rounds of this game every single day of our trip and loved that it is fairly fast-paced and that there is definitely some strategy involved. Highly recommend! – Collin

It took less than 5 minutes for my family of 5 to learn how to play this game. My youngest is 7 and we’re not frequent game players so I feel like that speaks to how easy it is to learn. You also don’t need to be a golf lover to enjoy playing this game.

My dad brought this on a family vacation to the beach and we really enjoyed playing this on a rainy night…we found ourselves saying…‘Just one more round and then we’ll go to bed!’ If you’re looking for a quick, fun game the whole family will love, this is a great one! – Hip Sidekick, Sara

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Reviewers also have great things to say about Play Nine…

This is a great card game that we take along for our week at the river each year. My 7 year old grandson can handle it, and since it is a game of both skill and chance, he was able to win along with everyone else. Teens and parents enjoy it too; so nice to get away from the phone apps! The feature I like most is that you play it for 9 or 18 “holes” (hands) so there is a definite beginning and an end. 9-holes took us about 30 minutes to play.

If you love games, get this! I played it at my relative’s house & had to get it. It’s quick & easy to learn & not monopoly long- it’s just the right length. You do NOT need to know or like gold to learn & love this game! Get it- seriously!

This game was introduced to us by one of my friends. Love that it’s so simple that even kids can easily catch up to it, but also has its twists where it’s interesting for adults also. Would recommend to friends and family.

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