Nilüfer Yanya Announces New Album My Method Actor, Shares Song: Listen

Nilüfer Yanya has announced a new album. My Method Actor, the London singer-songwriter’s third album, arrives September 13 via Ninja Tune. The LP features the recent single “Like I Say (I Runaway),” plus “Method Actor,” a new song released today. Check out the single alongside the album’s artwork and tracklist below.

My Method Actor is the follow-up to 2022’s Painless. Yanya collaborated with creative partner Wilma Archer for the album, writing and recording in London, Wales, and Eastbourne. “This is the most intense album, in that respect,” Yanya explained in a press statement. “Because it’s only been us two. We didn’t let anyone else into the bubble.”

Speaking about latest single “Method Actor,” Yanya said, “I was researching method acting—and from what I read, it’s based on finding this one memory in your life, a life-altering, life-changing memory. The reason why some people find method acting traumatic and maybe not safe mentally, is because you’re always going back to that moment.… It’s a bit like being a musician. When you’re performing, you’re still trying to invoke the energy and emotion of when you first wrote it, in that moment.”

Yanya also recently announced a North American and European tour, which takes place this autumn and features support from Angélica Garcia, Lutalo, and Eliza McLamb.

Revisit the 2017 Rising interview “Nilüfer Yanya’s Brilliantly Nonchalant Guitar Soul.”

My Method Actor:

01 Keep on Dancing
02 Like I Say (I Runaway)
03 Method Actor
04 Binding
05 Mutations
06 Ready for Sun (Touch)
07 Call It Love
08 Faith’s Late
09 Made Out of Memory
10 Just a Western

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