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“The Three Little Pigs Are Hurting Their Own Cause,” an Op-Ed by The Big Bad Wolf McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

The California Taxpayer Is on the Hook WSJ

There are risks lurking in the world of private capital Gillian Tett, FT. The deck: “A recent court ruling against SEC reforms of the sector is an unfortunate blow to transparency and fairness.”

Borrowers, Especially the Young, Struggle With Credit Card Debt in Potentially Bad Sign for Economy AP


Column-Compound Extremes in the Global Ocean American Geophysical Union. From the Abstract: “Marine extreme events such as marine heatwaves, ocean acidity extremes and low oxygen extremes can pose a substantial threat to marine organisms and ecosystems. Such extremes might be particularly detrimental (a) when they are compounded in more than one stressor, and (b) when the extremes extend substantially across the water column, restricting the habitable space for marine organisms. ”

The uninsurable world: how the insurance industry fell behind on climate change FT. Commentary:

Farewell to Climate Nexus, an inbox stalwart Nieman Lab


Mexico City is just the beginning. Here are 11 other cities at risk of running out of water. Business Insider


Minnesota BOAH Reports H5N1 In Dairy Cattle Avian Flu Diary

H5N1 Bird Flu Isn’t a Human Pandemic—Yet. American Contrariness Could Turn It into One Scientific American. Commentary:



* * *

Why Is NIH Perpetuating Long COVID Denial? Maureen Tkacik, The American Prospect. The deck: “Documents obtained by The Sick Times reveal the bastion of the medical establishment squandered a billion dollars on a long COVID study that seems suspiciously designed to fail.”

* * *

North Carolina GOP lawmakers agree to add a health exemption to a bill that limits masking ABC. Commentary:

N95 respirator gets top billing in stopping SARS-CoV-2 viral leakage into the air Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy

* * *

High Excess Death Rates in the West 3 Years Running Since COVID – “Serious Cause for Concern” SciTech Daily


US tech sector pressures Chinese venture capital to divest FT

Exclusive: U.S. and Taiwan navies quietly held Pacific drills in April Reuters


Growing Rebellion: Myanmar’s Youth Flock to Armed Resistance, Rejecting Junta Conscription The Irrawaddy

AUKUS: No refund for $9.4 billion gift to US & UK submarine companies Asia-Pacific Defense Reporter


Modi’s allies demand funds, Cabinet positions as coalition gears to form India’s new government Channel News Asia

The Koreas

Russia’s war in Ukraine has turned South Korea into a manufacturing hotspot as it makes weapons faster and cheaper than the U.S. Fortune

Samsung workers in South Korea take industrial action for first time Al Jazeera


Inside the Base Where Israel Has Detained Thousands of Gazans NYT. Commentary:

See also Human Rights Watch.

Israeli detention center faces legal challenge after ‘unimaginable abuses’ WaPo

* * *

Israel Police Detain Palestinian Photographer Who Was Attacked by Jewish Youths During Jerusalem Flag March Haaretz. Commentary:

* * *

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu is set to address the US Congress on July 24 AP

US judge recuses himself from Gaza case after trip to Israel Reuters

* * *

Israeli army says it targeted Hezbollah sites in southern Lebanon Anadolu Agency

Hamas Has Reinvented Underground Warfare Foreign Affairs

“Ali Baba and the 40 thieves”: Emirati-Palestinian shouting match blew up Blinken meeting Axios

Indonesia says readying peacekeeping brigade for Gaza Anadolu Agency

European Disunion

German Industrial Production Fell Again in Poor Start to Quarter Bloomberg

Why Is Hungary So Small? Uncharted Territories

BALKAN BLOG: The EU has no choice but to start accession talks with Moldova BNE Intellinews

Dear Old Blighty

Tories ‘will probably disappear’ as Reform ‘annihilates’ party, Dorries claims The Telegraph

New Not-So-Cold War

Not Just F-16s: France Confirms Ukraine Will Receive Mirage 2000 Fighters as Aid Military Watch

Live: Putin is ‘our common enemy’, Ukraine’s Zelensky tells French parliament France24

Zelenskyy to give speech in Bundestag next week Ukrainska Pravda

* * *

Why Swiss Peace Summit could become a defeat for Ukraine and Zelenskyy European Pravda

* * *

What Ukraine Has Lost During Russia’s Invasion NYT

Nazi Penguins, Woman Wagner Events in Ukraine

Wartime Lithuania New Left Review

The Caribbean

Russian warships to arrive in Havana next week, say Cuban officials, as military exercises expected CBS


Joe Biden suffers ‘embarrassing’ moment at D-Day event in France, makes strange claim about Vladimir Putin Hindustan Times

Spook Country

TWITTER FILES Extra: The Defaming of Brandon Straka and #Walkaway Matt Taibbi, The Twitter Files


FTC prepares to sue largest U.S. alcohol distributor, alleging ‘secret kickbacks’ CNBC

Digital Watch

AI anime flood – An infringement investigation of 90,000 images Nikkei Asia

OpenAI to buy electricity from CEO Sam Altman’s nuclear fusion side hustle The Register

Understanding the real threat generative AI poses to our jobs Blood in the Machine

The Bezzle

UnitedHealth CEO Sold $5.6 Million in Shares the Same Day as Ransomware Attack HealthCare Uncovered (antidlc).


Thruster glitches and helium leaks can’t stop Boeing’s Starliner astronaut test flight — but why are they happening?

Supply Chain

Aluminum at epicenter of US reshoring efforts with renewable energy twist S&P Global

Groves of Academe

Columbia Law Review Is Back Online After Students Threatened Work Stoppage Over Palestine Censorship The Intercept

Class Warfare

Surveillance pricing Cory Doctorow, Pluralistic

What one man learned living alone in the wilderness for 40 years WaPo

How complex systems fail Richard Cook (2002).

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