Kino is a Professional Video App from the Team Behind Halide Camera

The team behind the top-notch third-party camera app Halide has just introduced a new professional grade video app—Kino.

Just like Halide, Kino is made for any skill level and offers a huge variety of features and an accessible UI.

One of the top features of the app is Instant Grade. Those are professional color presets from experts. With a single tap, you can select a film-like color for your video with a preset. There’s nothing you need to do or any editing, the processed video is automatically saved and ready for you to share.

Using AutoMotion, the app will automatically select the best exposure settings for a film-look cinematic motion blur. Here’s more about that feature from developer Lux’s blog post:

With AutoMotion, Kino automatically chooses the best exposure settings for cinematic motion blur. It accomplishes this without any sort of AI or computational photography. As they say in Hollywood, it’s a practical effect.

Now, it’s not always possible for Kino to pick cinematic settings, such as when shooting in bright daylight. When AutoMotion can work its magic, the “Auto” label will light up green. When it’s gray, it won’t.

Another cinematic feature is AutoMotion That will base exposure to an 180-degree shutter speed by default.

If you’re a newcomer to video, Kino also has you covered. There are a number of free lessons in the app starting with recommended settings. You can also enroll in a lesson plan to get lessons emailed to you to make the most of all the app’s features.

The app also allows you to save movies on your Files folder on the iPhone instead of the Photo Library.

Only for the iPhone, Kino can be downloaded now on the App Store for $9.99. That price increases to $19.99 starting on Friday.

There are no subscriptions required, just the single, one-time purchase.

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