Best Pixel 7a protective cases and covers in 2024

Here are the best Google Pixel 7a slim, lightweight, rugged, transparent, and colorful cases that you can pick up right now to protect your device.

The Google Pixel 7a remains one of the best mid-range smartphones to buy today. It has a compact build, a capable processor with enough power to run Google’s latest AI features, and a versatile camera setup that captures some of the best shots in all lighting conditions — all priced at (often significantly less than) $500.

If you’ve recently acquired the Pixel 7a, you’re likely interested in keeping it protected to maintain its pristine condition. In this post, we’ve compiled a selection of the best cases available for the Pixel 7a, including our favorite rugged, clear, silicone, colorful, leather, and transparent options.

These are the best Pixel 7a cases in 2024

  • pbi-SUPCASE UBP (Pixel 7a)

    SUPCASE UBP (Pixel 7a)

    Promoted Pick

    In partnership with Supcase

    $25 $30 Save $5

    The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro case has been 20ft drop tested, and it comes with a built-in screen protector and a rugged design. It’s one of the best cases for those living on the edge, and those who require additional protection in a bundle that comes with all the essentials. It even has a kickstand for more comfort.

  • pbi-dbrand Grip (Pixel 7a)

    dbrand Grip (Pixel 7a)

    Premium Pick

    $50 $70 Save $20

    The dbrand Grip uses advanced shock-absorbing polymers, providing you with military-grade impact protection. It enhances the grip, and has precise cutouts and raised edges. It’s also compatible with more than two dozen skins, letting you customize the look of the case to your unique self.

  • pbi-Google Case (Pixel 7a)

    Google Case (Pixel 7a)

    Made by Google

    It’s the original case Made By Google, especially for the new Pixel 7a. It comes in all the colors as the device for a unique matching look, and it offers edge-to-edge protection and a smooth feel for a more premium experience.

  • pbi-google pixel 7a-Ultra Hybrid ZeroOne

    Spigen Ultra Hybrid (Pixel 7a)

    Editor’s Choice

    The Spigen Ultra Hybrid case comes in three stylish designs, including the new Zero One transparent model that features a stylist and unique-looking back cover. The case is made from durable materials, and its precise fit ensures the Pixel 7a remains protected regardless of the impact.

  • pbi-Ringke Fusion (Pixel 7a)

    Ringke Fusion (Pixel 7a)

    The Ringke Fusion is a minimalist, clear hybrid case that lets you showcase the beauty of the Pixel 7a. It adds minimal bulk and comes with Duo-QuickCatch holes on each side to support accessories with lanyards, and straps. 

  • otterbox_pixel_7a_case

    Otterbox Commuter (Pixel 7a)

    $17 $40 Save $23

    If you’re looking for an alternative rugged case that provides 3x drop protection with MIL-STD-810G 516.6 military standard certification, consider getting the OtterBox Commuter for Pixel 7a. It is made is made out of 35% recycled plastic and OtterBox even offers limited lifetime warranty on this case.

  • JETech Case Pixel 7a

    JETech case (Pixel 7a)

    $10 $13 Save $3

    If you’re looking for an affordable clear case, consider buying the JETech case. It has a transparent finish, allowing you to show off your device’s look and features anti-yellowing properties as well. It is made out of flexible TPU and has a scratch-resistant hard PC back.

  • pbi-google pixel 7a-Tough Armor (Black)

    Spigen Tough Armor (Pixel 7a)

    The Spigen Tough Armor case comes in two colors, and it’s an excellent affordable rugged case. It protects the entirety of the Pixel 7a, and comes with a built-in kickstand to make watching videos more comfortable. It’s ideal for those looking for something more sturdy.

  • pbi-i-Blason Armorbox (Pixel 7a)

    i-Blason Armorbox Lite (Pixel 7a)

    Promoted Pick

    In partnership with i-Blason

    The i-Blason Armorbox, as the name suggests, is a rugged case. It’s made specifically for the Pixel 7a, and it provides military-grade protection. The case also comes with two tempered glass screen protectors, a kickstand, and one-year warranty. It’s stylish, elegant, and protects the entire body of the handset.

  • pbi-Ringke Onyx (Pixel 7a)

    Ringke Onyx (Pixel 7a)

    The Onyx case is available in three colors, and it has a minimalistic approach with a slim and lightweight design. It helps you get a better grip, and the case protects the device from general wear and tear, as well as fall damage.

  • pbi-Caseology Parallax (Pixel 7a)

    Caseology Parallax (Pixel 7a)

    The Caseology Parallax features a 3D Hexa cube design that enhances ergonomics and has a textured TPU grip on all sides. The Parallax has a unique design, and four color options to choose from. The case provides military-grade protection and supports wireless charging.

  • pbi-totallee Thin (Pixel 7a)

    totallee Thin (Pixel 7a)

    The totallee Thin case is slim, and lets you show off the design of the Pixel 7a. It has extra grip, is made of high-quality materials, and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. It’s perfect for those who want a slim and lightweight case that lets them showcase the design of their phones.

  • ZAGG Gear4 Denali Pixel 7a pbi

    ZAGG Gear4 Denali Case (Pixel 7a)

    If you want a stylish and high-quality rugged case, check out the ZAGG Gear4 Denali Case for your Pixel 7a. Made from D3O material, it toughens upon impact, providing excellent drop protection of up to 16 feet while maintaining a sleek design. Plus, it’s surprisingly slim and lightweight.

  • pbi-google pixel 7a-Thin Fit (Black)

    Spigen Thin Fit (Pixel 7a)

    The Spigen Thin fit, as the name suggests, is a thin and lightweight case with minimalistic looks that complement the design of the smartphone. It has the same protection features as Spigen’s other features, including the elevated bezels, precise cutouts, and support for wireless charging.

  • pbi-Caseology Nano Pop (Pixel 7a)

    Caseology Nano Pop (Pixel 7a)

    The Caseology Nano Pop Silicone case comes in two color options, and it can spice up the looks of your beautiful Pixel 7a. It protects against scratches, falls, and bumps, and it features a slim profile and a snug fit to protect the entire phone, including the camera bump.

  • pbi-google pixel 7a-Rugged Armor (Matte Black)

    Spigen Rugged Armor (Pixel 7a)

    The Spigen Rugged Armor case comes in a single color, and it features a slim, minimalistic, lightweight design to complement the unique looks of the Pixel 7a. It’s characteristic comes with elevated bezels, and has precise cutouts that support wireless charging.

  • torro leather case pbi

    TORRO Leather Case (Pixel 7a)

    If you’re looking for a genuine leather case for your Pixel 7a, consider getting the TORRO leather case. It is constructed out of top-grain premium leather and has a flip-style design with 3 card slots underneath the flap.

  • pbi-Caseology Capella (Pixel 7a)

    Caseology Capella (Pixel 7a)

    The Caseology Capella is a transparent case that lets you show off the design of the Pixel 7a. It’s ideal for anyone looking for a slim and light clear case that supports wireless charging, and doesn’t add much bulk to the phone. 

  • pbi-TUDIA DualShield (Pixel 7a)

    TUDIA DualShield (Pixel 7a)

    The TUDIA DualShield Grip case is available in six different color options. It has raised bezels that protect both the front and the back from scratches and other damage. It has a non-slip textured back for additional grip, and it’s excellent if you’re looking for something slim and light. 

  • pbi-TORRAS Shockproof (Pixel 7a)

    TORRAS Shockproof (Pixel 7a)

    The TORRAS case has 10ft military-grade drop protection. Like most cases on this list, it has a minimalist take with a slim design. It has a unique and comfortable grip, enabling you to hold on to the Pixel 7a without it ever slipping out of your hands.

  • pbi-TORRO Leather (Pixel 7a)

    TORRO Leather (Pixel 7a)

    The TORRO cover is made of genuine premium leather. It lets you store up to three cards on the inside, and the case acts as a kickstand while offering excellent 360-degree protection against general wear and tear, as well as fall damage.

  • pbi-google pixel 7a-Liquid Air (Matte Black)

    Spigen Liquid Air (Pixel 7a)

    The Spigen Liquid Air case comes is Abyss Green and Matte Black colors. It has a textured back surface, and it’s slim and lightweight. The case doesn’t add any extra bulk to the phone, and improves the grip. It’s great for those looking for a slim and textured case.

  • pbi-Caseology Athlex (Pixel 7a)

    Caseology Athlex (Pixel 7a)

    The Caseology Athlex case comes in two colors, and each of them has a unique dual-tone design. The high-contrast colors enable the Pixel 7a to really shine, and the case is certified with military-grade protection and supports wireless charging.

  • pbi-Poetic Guardian (Pixel 7a)

    Poetic Guardian (Pixel 7a)

    The Poetic Guardian is available in four colors, and it has been military-grade drop tested to ensure it can take a beating. It has raised edges, a built-in screen protector, and an anti-scratch clear back for a more premium and see-through design and feel.

  • pbi-Poetic Revolution (Pixel 7a)

    Poetic Revolution (Pixel 7a)

    The Poetic Revolution case has been 20ft military-grade drop tested, and comes with a shockproof, and impact-resistant design. It’s available in three colors, and comes with a built-in screen protector and a kickstand.

  • pbi-TORRAS Masclimber (Pixel 7a)

    TORRAS Masclimber (Pixel 7a)

    The TORRAS Marsclimber is a durable and minimalistic case. It’s comfortable to hold, and the non-slip surface improves the grip of the device. It has a slim design and a built-in kickstand for a more comfortable hands-free viewing experience.

  • foluu case pixel 7a pbi

    Foluu Silicone Case (Pixel 7a)

    Another affordable option is the Foluu Silicone Case for Pixel 7a. It has a scratch-resistant back with reinforced corners for maximum protection. It also features slightly raised edges around the screen to help protect the glass. Foluu also offers life-time warranty on this case.

Our Recommendation


Whether you’re after the best rugged, colorful, premium, or thin and light case, we have you covered. We listed some of our favorite cases above, and in case you’re struggling to pick the one you’re looking for, have a glance in the top left corner of each listing. We hand-picked some of our favorite brands and cases to help you save time and research. However, if you’re still not fully satisfied, here are a few more recommendations to help you decide.

  • Best rugged protection: The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro, i-Blason Armorbox, Spigen Tough and Rugged Armor are all excellent cases that provide additional protection without adding too much extra bulk to the device. The i-Blason and SUPCASE cases are excellent if you’re looking for not just a case, but also a tempered glass screen protector, and a kickstand to help you watch videos and movies more comfortably.
  • Best thin cases: The Spigen Thin Fit, Ultra Hybrid, and Ringke Fusion are excellent options to choose from, and they provide unique looks, clear and transparent back covers, while some are also available in a few additional colors.
  • Best unique cases: The dbrand Grip is one of our favorite cases due to the wide variety of compatible skins that you can stick on the back. It’s a grippy case that feels premium, and while it might not be cheap, it provides excellent protection against drops and scratches. The runner-up is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid, which now comes with the unique Zero One design that lets you showcase the internals of the Pixel 7a in a stylish way. Like most cases on this list, it provides great protection against drops and general wear and tear.

PBI Pixel 7a Sea Blue

Google Pixel 7a

$399 $499 Save $100

The Pixel 7a is the new affordable smartphone from Google, featuring much-awaited features such as a 90Hz responsive display, a more powerful camera setup, and support for wireless charging. The Pixel 7a is powered by the Tensor G2 chipset, and it’s the best device in the A series yet.

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