Will Trent Season 2 Episode 6 Spoilers: Will Meets His Uncle

After the heaviness of the previous episode, Will Trent will return to heartwarming drama, levity, and humor in this upcoming installment.

The series excels at balancing both kinds of cases and character arcs, and spoilers for Will Trent Season 2 Episode 6 tease that Will will finally meet and connect with his long-lost uncle, Antonio Miranda.

Elsewhere in the episode, the GBI and the APD team up to solve a judge’s murder, so they work together for two episodes in a row. From the spoiler photos, this case looks entertaining.

At the end of Will Trent Season 2 Episode 5,  Will’s Uncle Antonio reached out to him. Antonio Miranda is as curious about his nephew as Will is about him.

John Ortiz guest-stars as Antonio Miranda, who seems kind and charismatic and is eager to bond with Will.

While I’m anxious for Will to have a positive male role model, it feels like Lucy’s brother got a total rewrite. Where was he when Lucy went missing in Season 1?

In the novels, her brother barely cared and was ultra-religious, judging her for being a prostitute, so it feels like the series did a complete 180.

James Ulster mentioned in Will Trent Season 2 Episode 2 that Antonio changed his name for a reason. We can’t wait to see if he put the past behind him and he became a better person.

After the year Will has had, he needs someone else to support him, and it will be fascinating to see him interact with an influential male. Hopefully, Will will learn many stories about his mom that will help him to accept himself better and forgive Amanda for her choices.

The case of the week looks entertaining, and the entire episode explores relationships. While Angie and Will spent the first half of Will Trent Season 2 in separate storylines, it appears “We Are Family” will be fun for their fans.

While they are together, Will and Angie find a dead body in the backseat of the car. It’s a judge who has as many supporters as she does enemies.

Amanda assigns the GBI and the APD to work on the case together, and those are always entertaining. Erika Christensen teased the team worked together in more episodes in Season 2, and the team dynamics are always fun.

It’s always fascinating to learn what secrets a judge has, and this time, the team heads to a drag queen club. What’s more entertaining was how they split up—Will and Angie, and Faith and Michael. Talk about an unlikely team-up.

The series explores different worlds and secrets, and the judge’s son works as a drag queen. The club’s emblem was found on the judge.

Family secrets can be difficult, especially when someone works in a powerful position, so maybe the judge didn’t handle her son’s lifestyle well.

Maybe one of the drag queens murdered the judge in support.

Faith mentions in the promo that the hair fibers look like they came from a wig, which opens up many suspects.

While this is a serious topic, it also looks like they infused some humor into it.

From finding a body in the car to seeing Will uncomfortable at a drag queen club, this will provide some laughs. Ramon Rodriguez and Erika Christensen will get to flex their comedic chops with the drag queens.

Since Will Trent has been using big-name actors and used some of the Real Housewives recently, maybe we’ll see some actual big-name drag queens in these scenes, and we can’t.

Since the series rarely drops stories entirely, Amanda may have difficulty re-establishing close ties with Faith and Will.

Both of them are professionals and will get the job done, but Faith may hold a grudge against Amanda as they explore how investigating her mom, Evelyn, affected her. T

his is when working with someone close becomes tricky.

Hopefully, we’ll see Evelyn Mitchell sometime in Will Trent Season 2. Without her, many story threads seem lacking.

Sonja Sohn teased that more character arcs were following Amanda’s.  The spoilers for the next episode seem more case-of-the-week than a character arc, but perhaps we’ll learn more about Faith.

The spoilers teased that she and Luke take their relationship to the next level. So far, they’ve been fun and flirty, but she seemed to have more of a serious connection with her ex, Charles, or the convict, Sam, with whom she was on the run.

It would help if we saw more of their romance on-screen. We haven’t seen Luke since he followed Faith to Mathis and the Inn in Will Trent Season 2 Episode 4. We need to see him cooking dinner and having intimate conversations to become invested.

Hopefully, this episode will explore their actual connection more.

So, Will Trent Fanatics, what are you hoping to see in “We Are Family?’ Are you excited to see Will meet his long-lost uncle? Do you enjoy seeing the team work together?

We’d like to hear your thoughts, so let us know in the comments.

Will Trent airs at 8/7c on ABC on Tuesdays and streams the next day on Hulu.

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