Always Keep Track of the UV Index With Sunbeam

The app is simple and easy to use. Just select a location and see the hourly UV forecast for the day and the maximum UV levels over the next few days. You can also see a simple weather as well. It’s a great way to plan your day and make the most of your time outside.

With a recent update, the app has also added a number of new features. One of the best additions is interactive widgets for your homescreen so you can see the UV information without even needing to open up the app. Other additions include a longer range forecasts for the next 10 days and hourly forecast for the next 10 days. Just long press the daily forecast.

There are also a number of lock screen widgets to select from as well. And the app is accessible on more than just the iPhone. All the information is also avaialble on the Apple Watch app. You can also add the app’s complications to you watch face.

Sunbeam is a free download now on the App Store for the iPhone and Apple Watch.

There is also an optional Sunbeam Pro subscription available for $7.99 yearly.

That will unlock a number of other features including full 10-day forecasts, personalized sunburn and vitamin D estimates based on your skin type, sunburn and Vitamin D exposure tiers. You can also track worldwide UV forecast of all of your favorite places and receive unlimited forecast updates.

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