Looks Like Rain Provides a Beautiful, Visual Look at the Weather

While there are a cornucopia of weather apps available on the App Store, including Apple’s stock option, Looks Like Rain excels at providing an hourly weather forecast at a glance.

When picking a location, you’ll see on top of the page the current weather conditions and a comprehensive look the the next 24 hours. Just swipe left to see all of the information.

Below that is a look at the next 10 days in an hour-by-hour format. Different weather conditions are noted by a specific color shade. For example, cloudy is gray and clear is a sky blue. Rain, on the other hands, is a darker blue.

As a nice touch, you can even select from two additional color schemes. But I really like the original option. It’s easy to understand when doing a quick scroll through the next 10 days.

If you want to get a closer look at a specific day, just select it. The daily page is full of information like precipitation chances, high, low, and more. You can see the hourly temperature and weather bar from the main page as well.

Looks Like Rain is a free download on the App Store. It’s available on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

There is an optional subscription available for $2 per month or $10 annually. Subscribers will be able to use home screen and lock screen widget, save multiple favorite locations, and sync between all of your devices.

Both the home screen and lock screen widgets are a perfect way to see the weather conditions without needing to open up the app. On the home screen, you can even view the same at-a-glance layout as the main app.

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