LMS Versus LXP: How To Deliver Effective Training With Ease

LMS Versus LXP: Which Is Best For Your Organization?

Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) can be great additions to your L&D tech stack. However, there are distinct differences between them that may impact your outcomes, such as features and focus. This eBook sheds light on the benefits both provide, as well as selection criteria you’ll want to keep in mind when making your decision.

eBook Release: LMS Or LXP? How To Deliver Effective Training With Ease

eBook Release

LMS Or LXP? How To Deliver Effective Training With Ease

This guide can help you decide if an LMS or LXP is the best option for your organization.

How To Find The Right Training Software For Your L&D Program

It all starts with a needs analysis. You must determine which features you require to achieve your training objectives and deliver a top-notch eLearning experience to every member of your team. It’s also crucial to identify existing gaps the software needs to fill. For example, internal knowledge sharing isn’t currently part of your strategy, and communication barriers are a known issue. Thus, the new platform should have collaboration tools to bring your remote workforce together and allow them to provide feedback or participate in peer coaching programs. But these steps are just the tip of the tech selection iceberg. That’s where this eBook comes into play to help you weigh the options and choose software that delivers maximum ROI.

About This eBook

What are the perks of opting for a Learning Experience Platform over a Learning Management System? Are there any overlap areas when it comes to features and functionality? Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll find in this guide by ELB Learning:

  • LMS Versus LXP: What’s The Difference Between These Platforms?
  • Comparison Of Benefits
  • Exploring The Power Of A Learning Experience Platform
  • Selection Criteria To Consider

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Download LMS Or LXP? How To Deliver Effective Training With Ease today to explore the ins and outs of both solutions and make the best investment for your business.

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