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we’ve found it folks: mcmansion heaven McMansion Hell (guurst). This one is sort of wonderful in its bizarreness and flamboyant display. Maybe it’s the fact that it has so much glass, even if often of the unnecessary custom variety. But the outside is a horror.

Harvard Students Grapple With Rising Rates of Respiratory Illness on Campus Harvard Crimson. ma: “Wait, so the best and the brightest are going to be more brain damaged for life than their lessors?”

Emergency rooms are not okay Your Local Epidemiologist

Erectile dysfunction drugs may reduce risk of Alzheimer’s ZMEScience (Dr. Kevin)


Covid Diaries by HCW’s Twitter (ma)


Solar engineering: a techno-dystopian response to climate change Thomas Fazi

For a second time, US court bans dicamba weed killers, finds EPA violated law The New Lede

World’s First Year-Long Breach of Key 1.5C Warming Limit BBC


Chinese telecoms giant Huawei raided in France by financial prosecutors South China Morning Post (furzy)

US Trade Deficit in 2023 Dropped 19%, as Goods Deficit with China Plunged 29%: Imports & Exports of Goods & Services Wolf Richter

Old Blighty

>Keir Starmer defends Labour U-turn on £28bn green spending BBC (Kevin W)

European Disunion

German foreign minister’s grandfather was ‘ardent Nazi’ – Bild RT


‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 126: U.S. claims it won’t support ‘unplanned’ ground operation in Rafah, Israel escalates attacks anyway Mondoweiss

Gazans surviving off animal feed and rice as food dwindles BBC. Lead story.

Israel plans to evacuate Palestinians crammed into southern Gaza city ahead of expected invasion 9News (Kevin W)

Israel’s Self-Destruction Foreign Affairs. Important despite some sour notes in some of the details, such at the depiction of the October 7 Hamas raid, and the idea that the Saudi-Israel normalization talk was anything more than the Saudis accommodating a Biden need for a talking point after China brokered an Iran-Saudi deal (if you were paying attention, it was never going anywhere because the Saudi demands re recognizing a Palestinian state was part of the scheme from the outset). It usefully frames Netanyahu as having sold Israeli society on the idea that they could have it all: slowly eliminate the Palestinians as a presence while Israel would enjoy peace and prosperity. But notice the failure to mention the ICJ ruling. Even if editing deadlines meant it came too late, the alternatives should have at least been contemplated.

Türkiye to make statement at world court on legal results of Israeli acts in occupied Palestinian land Anadolu Agency. More ICJ hearings later this month!

* * *

Israel’s Relentless Bombing Erases Gaza’s Heritage Sites Wide Walls (BC)

The war in Gaza is wiping out Palestine’s education and knowledge systems The Conversation (Dr. Kevin)

* * *

* * *

Biden and Starmer will pay a heavy price for supporting Israel’s war in Gaza Middle East Eye (BC) One can hope.

Bill Allowing Far-Right Gov’t to Deport Relatives of ‘Terrorists’ Passes Preliminary Reading Communist Party of Israel (BC)

* * *

Note the hunger strike is over because the Brown trustees refused to hear their demands, particularly divestment from arms suppliers to Israel. But kudos to them for trying.

New Not-So-Cold War

Zaluzhny Finally Dismissed as Chaos Reigns in AFU Simpicius the Thinker (Chuck L)

Ukraine SitRep: A Hated New Commander – Critical Lack Of Infantry Moon of Alabama (Kevin W)

* * *

Interview to Tucker Carlson President of Russia. It reads better than it listens. Also the Kremlin translation is no doubt better than Tucker’s; Mercouris always warns best to wait for the Kremlin translation because there are lots of subtleties in Russia that can be mangled or missed.

Tucker Carlson interview with Putin: what went wrong? Gilbert Doctorow. A marked contrast from the fawning over Tucker on some sites. Some very astute observations.



Imran Khan’s allies accuse Pakistan officials of vote rigging Financial Times

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

London Underground Is Testing Real-Time AI Surveillance Tools To Spot Crime Wired

The Viral Smart Toothbrush Botnet Story Is Not Real 404Media. Aaw, it was so much fun!

Western Values

Then the visitation zones are introduced: “An effective tool” Aftonblatt (ma)

Sweden: Where it’s taboo for dads to skip parental leave BBC (Dr. Kevin)

Imperial Collapse Watch

The Newer World Order Aurelien (Chuck L). Years ago, in an Atlantic Economic Conference in DC, I remarked DC had a Versailles 1788 feel. That did get a laugh.


Joe Biden’s allies defend president as Democrats reel from DoJ report Financial Times. Lead story. is your friend.

Biden’s ‘Angry’ Press Conference Made Hur’s Memory Report ‘Infinitely Worse’ Sputnik


Two mifepristone studies retracted ahead of Supreme Court case STAT (Dr. Kevin)

Anti-abortion group’s studies retracted before Supreme Court mifepristone case ars technica (Paul R)


In 2023, Gun Violence Trended Down Across the Country Center for American Progress

15-Year-Old Is Arrested in Shooting of a Tourist in Times Square New York Times

Our No Longer Free Press

Meta Considering Increased Censorship of the Word “Zionist” Intercept

This is THE reason there are many things we should debunk but don’t:


OpenAI Considers $7 Trillion Round, Thinks It Can Double Revenue by 2025: Reports Decrypt. Paul R: “Trillion with a t.”

Sam Altman seeking trillions for AI chip fabrication from UAE, others ars technica (Kevin W)

AI Cannot Be Used To Deny Health Care Coverage, Feds Clarify To Insurers ars technica

The Bezzle

Everyone’s a sellout now Vox

Waymo Driverless Car Crashes Into Human Cyclist in San Francisco Gizmodo (Kevin W)

Class Warfare

Republicans Are Planning to Totally Privatize Medicare if Trump Wins Rolling Stone (Paul R)

McKinsey’s ‘unsatisfactory’ performance warning for 3,000 workers is the latest bad news for big consulting companies DNyuz (Dr. Kevin)

NASA’s JPL Lays Off Hundreds of Workers Universe Today (furzy)

Antidote du jour:

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