Canadian FM says Canada-Ukraine security assurance deal could be reached in weeks


Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly stated that Canada and Ukraine are nearing the final stages of securing an agreement on security “assurances” for Ukraine.

This move, part of a series of bilateral pacts, underscores a strategic effort to bolster security cooperation before Ukraine joins NATO. A recent agreement with the UK in January solidifies a commitment to support Ukraine for over ten years. Currently, Ukraine is negotiating similar deals with Germany, FranceRomania, and other nations.

Canada has forwarded a draft proposal for the assurances to Kyiv, with Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly stating her visit to Ukraine aims to finalize the agreement. Last year, the G7 pledged agreements, including military support and training for Ukraine, though specifics of the Canadian proposal remain undisclosed.

“I’m here to push to get it to the finish line, I think we can conclude it in the coming weeks,” she told CBC.

Joly’s visit to Ukraine last week included meetings with key officials and visits to areas affected by Russian attacks. As the conflict enters its second year, large parts of Ukraine’s south and east remain under Russian control, and the frontlines have stabilized compared to the initial stages of the war.

Ukraine remains determined to secure increased international support, including financial assistance, weaponry, long-term security commitments, and eventual NATO membership. However, the timeline for joining is unclear. US President Joe Biden has indicated that Ukraine’s NATO membership will be contingent on the resolution of the ongoing war.

The German newspaper FAZ reported a new security agreement between Germany and Ukraine is on the horizon, with plans for its signing at the Munich Security Conference on 16 February. 

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