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Learning to live with musk oxen High Country News

Diaper Spa in NH catering to adults with trauma, raises eyebrows, concerns WHDH

America Hasn’t Seen Syphilis Numbers This High Since 1950 MedPage Today

Differential peripheral immune signatures elicited by vegan versus ketogenic diets in humans Nature

Why did NIH abruptly halt research on the harms of cell phone radiation? The Hill


Climate change drives migratory range shift via individual plasticity in shearwaters PNAS

Abbott’s Border Standoff Fueled by a Climate Crisis He Helped to Create Texas Observer

Chile: Emergency State and 22 Dead Due Forest Fires Telesur

Could a Giant Parasol in Outer Space Help Solve the Climate Crisis? New York Times. What could go wrong?

Toxic Train Bombs

Rail safety legislation still stalled one year after East Palestine disaster WLBT3


What Works and For Whom? Effectiveness and Efficiency of School Capital Investments Across The U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research. From the abstract: “Spending on basic infrastructure (such as HVAC) or on the removal of pollutants raises test scores but not house prices; conversely, spending on athletic facilities raises house prices but not test scores.”


US Drone Sale to India Unblocked Only After Key Senator Extracts Pledge on Pannun Plot Probe The Wire

Building Blocks of a Digital Caste Panopticon: Everyday Brahminical Policing in India Logic


Teachers on leave for mental illness in Japan hit record high Kyodo News. “…an increased workload amid the COVID-19 pandemic cited as a possible factor.”


Chinese billionaire’s carmaker adds satellites in Musk territory Business Times

Why China needs to mind the earnings gap South China Morning Post

China Labour Bulletin Strike Map data analysis: 2023 year in review for workers’ rights China Labour Bulletin


US, UK launch new strikes against Houthis in Yemen Anadolu Agency

Yemenis ditch UAE–Saudi coalition for Gaza The Cradle. The deck: “The Gaza war and renewed US–UK strikes on Yemen are shattering what remains of the UAE–Saudi-led coalition. Now Yemenis of all stripes are flocking to embrace the Sanaa government and its resistance stance.”

Red Sea attacks force firms to test new land routes via UAE, Saudi Bloomberg

Lord Cameron ‘sympathetic’ to making surprise diplomatic move to fix Red Sea Houthi crisis Express. Somaliland, “a potential location to base UK and US warships.”


ISIS exploits US strikes to attack Iraqi forces in Anbar The Cradle. The deck: “The US has used the nearby Al-Tanf base in Syria to train ISIS forces in the past.”

Iran Qualifies as ‘Strategic Error’ US Attacks on Iraq and Syria Telesur

Ending The U.S. Presence In Middle East Moon of Alabama


Poison gas new Israeli weapon threatening lives of captives in Gaza The Cradle

Sources to Al Mayadeen: Egypt to not allow Israelis to invade Rafah Al Mayadeen

Western Officials Warn of War-Crimes Complicity Consortium News


Pakistan’s Imran Khan, wife now get 7 years jail for marriage law violation Al Jazeera

The US Toppling of Imran Khan Jeffrey Sachs

Old Blighty

The Tip of the American Spear? How the United Kingdom Could Pursue Military Specialization War on the Rocks

Mechanical issue prevents HMS Queen Elizabeth from sailing on NATO exercise Navy Lookout

Sinn Féin’s Michelle O’Neill elected first ever nationalist First Minister of Northern Ireland Irish Times

European Disunion

Trump-Proofing Europe Foreign Affairs. Understandable that it took five authors to construct the alternate reality in this piece, e.g., “over the last few years, the world has seen a glimpse of a stronger Europe.”

Germany’s dream of 15 million electric vehicles is fading away Business Times

New Not-So-Cold War

ICJ Delivers Preliminary Objections Judgment in the Ukraine v. Russia Genocide Case, Ukraine Loses on the Most Important Aspects EJIL: Talk! Commentary:


15 killed in attack on bakery in Ukraine: Russia Anadolu Agency

US P-8 Poseidon ‘Key Suspect’ Behind Sinking Of Russian Ivanovets Warship By Guiding Ukrainian Naval Drones? EurAsian Times

Kremlin comments on Nuland’s latest Kiev trip RT

Ukraine’s Leadership Soap Opera Continues to Boil Larry Johnson


Imperial Collapse Watch

The Gaza Method The Ninth Wave. The deck: ‘The West’s evolving blueprint for controlling a poly-crisis world by mass-murdering and subjugating the poor, the rebellious, and those deemed “superfluous.”’

The Three Strands to the ‘Swarming of Biden’ Alastair Crooke

America’s displacement anxiety and the decade of living dangerously Warwick Powell, Pearls & Irritations

Congress poised to cede more foreign weapons oversight. Why? Responsible Statecraft

Does The White House Have A Drug Problem? The Deep Dive

South of the Border

Self-described ‘world’s coolest dictator’ heads for reelection in El Salvador SEMAFOR

Democrats en déshabillé

Democrats Are Demented Genocidal War Sluts Caitlin Johnstone

GOP Clown Car

Former Trump adviser: Republicans will pass a military-only Ukraine aid bill SEMAFOR

Ron DeSantis has been dreaming of complete military power for three years. Florida lawmakers may finally give it to him. Seeking Rents


Biden gets the South Carolina victory he wanted POLITICO


Unlearning Machines New Left Review


Your Money or Your Life HEALTH CARE un-covered


The Dirty Business of Clean Blood BIG by Matt Stoller

Hungry for profits SOMO. The deck: “How monopoly power tripled the profits of global agricultural commodity traders in the last three years.”

Police State Watch

Prisoners in the US are part of a hidden workforce linked to hundreds of popular food brands AP

A Wave of States Reduce “Death by Incarceration” for Young Adults  BOLTS Mag

Guillotine Watch

Ad firm Publicis, drugmaker Hikma settle US opioid cases for $500 million Reuters

Justice Department Secures Agreement with Pennsylvania Courts to Resolve Lawsuit Concerning Discrimination Against People with Opioid Use Disorder US DOJ (press release)

The Bezzle

How bad is Tesla’s hazardous waste problem in California? The Verge

Over 2 percent of the US’s electricity generation now goes to bitcoin ars Technica

Our Famously Free Press

Class Warfare

Lies, Damn Lies, and Economic Impact Reports Boondoggle

Getting Comfortable With Illegal Strikes How Things Work

The hidden political history of SF’s 1906 earthquake and fire—and what it means today 48 Hills

I Sing the Bioelectric Atmos


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