Go Medieval in the Kingdom Management RPG Yes, Your Grace

Head back to medieval times into a kingdom rule by King Eryk. In the fictional world, monsters and practices inspired by Slavic folklore rule.

As an RPG, villagers will come ask for your help for a variety of problems—everything from a monster attack to help finding somewhere to relax. While some requests are humorous, others will bring difficult decisions. Not everyone who appears has the kingdom’s best interest at heart.

And as a good king, you will also aid your family with their personal problems and struggle.

No matter who comes to see you, it will take a lot to keep everyone happy.

Along with helping your kingdom, there are also a number of management systems to juggle Generals, Hunters, and Witches.

The game looks great with pixel art and bold use of color throughout.

Yes, Your Grace is a free download on the App Store now for the iPhone and all iPad models. The free version lets you try out the game. Unlocking the full game is a $4.99 in-app purchase

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