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What are you up to this weekend? Tonight Toby and I are going to see Mean Girls. Did you know it was a musical? Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Today, on Big Salad, we talk about awkward kisses, 15 genius dating tips, and whether Keanu Reeves asked me out. Read the issue here, if you’d like.

Love this book cover.

Stop serving the compliment sandwich. “When people hear praise during a feedback conversation, they brace themselves. They’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, and it makes the opening compliment seem insincere… It was time to take the compliment sandwich off the menu and be radically candid.”

Danielle Goldberg, the stylist for Ayo Edebiri and Greta Lee, is so good at what she does.

Excited to try this holy grail face cleanser.

Less regrets, more baguettes!

When’s the last time you cried? What a beautiful essay. “Well, I haven’t cried for…Jesus…35 years? Can that be true? F*ck. That’s true. Since I was eight, around the time when my parents got divorced. When I was growing up, if I ever started crying, through physical or emotional pain, my dad would say, ‘How many wah-wahs?’”

Want to hear the sounds of forests?

What a lovely pink and green kitchen.

Wishlisting this crossbody bag.

And show me your favorite dance move!

Plus two reader comments…

Says Em K. on best and worst career advice: “I think a lot about this advice: diversify your meaning-making portfolio. Work shouldn’t be the *only* thing giving meaning, and neither should kids, friends, creative pursuits, etc.”

Says Tara on 15 CoJ posts that made me cry: “During every life stage, I’ve searched this blog for answers. I’ve read this miscarriage post at least 100 times, even while miscarrying. Then I got divorced. I learned to date. I think the idea of becoming a solo mom ON MY OWN was from a Cup of Jo post. Here I am with my soon-to-be two-year-old, searching for birthday party ideas on Cup of Jo. Eternally grateful for the community that forever says, ME FUCKING TOO! You are not alone, we are right here, cheering you on!

(Photo by Vradiy Art/Stocksy.)

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