Hi-Fi Rush Rated for PS4, Xbox One, & Nintendo Switch in Australia

The previously Xbox/PC-exclusive video game Hi-Fi Rush has been rated for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch — as well as the previous generation Xbox console, the Xbox One — in Australia. reported that the rhythmic action game, which was developed by Tango Gameworks, has officially been rated for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One in Australia under the name Project2022A. Given the game was previously exclusive to the Xbox Series X/S and PC through Steam and Game Pass, this would line up with recent rumors about the game coming to PlayStation in the near future.

Hi-Fi Rush was originally released on January 25, 2023 and was met with largely positive critical reception. Published by Bethesda Softworks and directed by John Johanas, the rhythm-based action game features licensed songs from bands like Nine Inch Nails and The Prodigy, as well as original music by Shuichi Kobori, Reo Uratani, and Masatoshi Yanagi. It was developed alongside Tango Gameworks’ other major title, the 2022 first-person action game Ghostwire: Tokyo.

What is Hi-Fi Rush about?

“Labeled ‘defective’ after an experiment accidentally fuses a music player into his heart, wannabe rockstar Chai must break free from a sinister corporation with raucous rhythm-enhanced combat – from the studio that brought you The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo,” reads the game’s official description.

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