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David Knutson

Published 3:46 pm Monday, January 8, 2024

David Knutson

David Knutson was born on December 22nd, 1951, and died January 7th, 2024. If he had his  way, these would be the only details shared in his obituary, either due to false modesty or his  frugality, (hint, it’s the latter). Unfortunately for Knute, his friends and family feel there is more to  say. They would say that David wore his gruffness like armor, which protected a kind heart. The  kind of heart that, when hearing his young nephew would have to miss trick or treating due to  illness, shopped the candy aisle at the drug store and delivered a heaping bag of treats. The  kind of heart that followed another nephew along the entirety of his first marathon, to cheer him  on throughout the whole 26.2 miles. The kind of heart that filled his pockets with dog treats by  the handful to share with family pets during visits, and the kind of heart that would share a poem  as a birthday gift. His friends and family would say, if the words were allowed, that David’s time  was a gift. We know it was precious because he clearly had just so much to give, and always  was the first to leave the party. But when he stayed, it was to do wonderful things, like teach  young children to fish, to spend early morning hours in the blind, to buddy up for a poker trip to  Reno, to spend time with his brothers on the golf course, until the clubs ended up in the  dumpster. Their time, like David’s patience, was up. His kin might say, if the cost wasn’t too  dear, that David looked out for his family. He was a clumsy but enthusiastic match-maker, a fair  and impartial lefse judge, and the chief provisioner of sandwiches for the brothers’ fishing trips.  Finally, it is almost unanimously agreed, and worth every cent the words cost, to document that  David was a good (possibly in quotation marks) dancer, and famed inventor of the Knutsky  Shuffle. David was born and raised in Austin, MN, graduated from school there, and went on to  be employed (and self-employed) in many positions, notably at Hormel, Kelly Carpets, The  Minnesota State Hospital, the Minneapolis VA long term care facility, and the Minnesota  Correctional Facilities in Faribault, Rush City, and Shakopee. Along the way he collected stories,  calamities, and even better, dear lifelong friends. David is preceded in death by his parents  George and Gloria Knutson, and a sister-in-law, Paula Knutson. He is survived by his four  brothers, Lars Knutson, Brian Knutson, Daniel Knutson, and Paul Knutson, three sisters-in-law,  and a passel of nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews, family canines, and countless  precious friends. In true David fashion, he’s the first Knutson brother to leave this earthside  party, but we know we will see him again somewhere where the dogs are all getting along

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