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Barely Racing is an isometric view racing game, inspired strongly by Death Rally and other old-school racing games. However, we spiced it up a bit with online play and weapon choice. LOCAL AND ONLINE MULTIPLAYER This game is meant to be played with your friends. Don’t hesitate to challenge them. It is not a surprise that games like these are best enjoyed in multiplayer. Race – just a regular race like any other. Addition of mines, rockets and machine guns, might change that experience a bit. Mine Tag – good old tag game, but this time you carry a mine that has a timeout. Better hurry up to touch (tag) someone before it explodes. Flag Chase – take the flag and hold it as much as possible. Football – soccer + cars. Deathmatch – wreckfest, just destroy every car you see HOW TO WIN A RACE? Well, you need to be the first one to cross the finish line.

If you have anyone in front of you, use dem rockets and machine gun. If you have someone behind, just drop a mine, they’ll do the rest. DRIFTY DRIVING MODEL We don’t drive trams here, so expect some drift. It’s post apocalypse anyways. No new tires have been produced. THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. POUR THE GASOLINE AND START RAMMING! Great game to play if you feel a bit nostalgic, the game has an old vibe, reminds me of Micro-machines game, an ability to play local multiplayer is great. Game is fun and not too easy so you can just blast trough. Also pick-ups like oil puddles that make a car spin out and nails that slow a car down would be nice additions across all the multiplayer tracks.

Features and System Requirements:

  • 7 cars, with color customization.
  • 9 tracks, with reverse variant, across 3 biomes.
  • Machine guns, rockets, and mines are your weapon of choice.
  • Game is primarily made to be played in split screen, but there is a story mode too.
  • Online multiplayer is supported, but it is peer to peer, which means your online match quality highly depends on the person who created the server.
  • Single player story where you race to win the cups?

1 :: Operating System :: Windows XP/7/8/8./10.
2 :: Processor: Intel Core i5-2350 or AMD FX-6300
3 :: Ram :: 8 GB RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 11
5 :: Graphics:: Nvidia 970 or Radeon 380
6 :: Space Storage:: 3 GB space

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