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Paws on the ground: How Colorado got its wolves back High Country News

A new study reports 309 lab acquired infections and 16 pathogen lab escapes between 2000 and 2021 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Flowering plant undoes 100 million years of evolution, shows signs of self-pollination Down to Earth

The Unending Quest To Build A Better Chicken NOEMA

Octopus DNA Reveals Clues to When the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Last Collapsed Smithsonian Mag


Shocking Wake-Up Call: First Marine Fish Declared Extinct Due to Humans Science Alert

Geologists say plastic rocks are now a thing ZME Science


Water’s worth: It sits beneath Nebraska’s farmland and has serious value. But who owns it? Flatwater Free Press

Secret Acres: Boom or bubble? High farmland prices encourage investors, concern farmers Investigate Midwest


Old Blighty

Downbeat UK growth data adds to picture of an economy going nowhere The Guardian

“Anti-terror” arrests in UK over support for Palestinian resistance Asa Winstanley, Palestine is Still the Issue


Oil Giant Angola to Exit OPEC in Output Quota Clash allAfrica


Taiwan reports more Chinese planes, warships near island as election approaches The Straits Times. More importantly, on the economic front (Chuck L):

European Disunion

Germany to keep some coal units in service longer than expected

(Chuck L):

Freyr Battery Receives Shareholder Approval For Redomicile to USA High North News


More than 200 dead in 24 hours in Gaza as Israeli raids turn ‘more intense’ Al Jazeera

In unprecedented slaughter of Gaza civilians, US claims Israel is the “victim” Aaron Mate


Gaza’s Allies Are Preparing Gradual Belligerent Steps to Stop the Israeli-US War Elijah J. Magnier

Israel-affiliated merchant vessel hit by aerial vehicle off India Reuters

Iran rejects US claims it is ‘deeply involved’ in Houthi attacks in Red Sea Al Jazeera


Israel is losing the war against Hamas – but Netanyahu and his government will never admit it The Guardian

Israel planning to end ground operation in Gaza in ‘3rd phase of war’: Media Anadolu Agency. “The third phase includes ending the ground operation in the Gaza Strip, reducing army forces and demobilizing reserves, resorting to air strikes, and establishing a buffer zone on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip.”


Chances of war with Lebanon ‘increasing’: Tel Aviv The Cradle

Israelis wanted ‘pre-emptive strike’ on Lebanon: Did Biden halt it? Al Mayadeen

IDF strikes Hezbollah command center in response to border attacks from Lebanon The Times of Israel


Is Iraq really divided on resistance operations against US targets? The Cradle

New Not-So-Cold War

Ukrainian Artillerymen Report 60-80 Percent Fall in Firing Rates Due to Crippling Munitions Shortages Military Watch Magazine

Europe Must Ramp Up Its Support for Ukraine Foreign Affairs

London mayor agrees to send scrap cars to Ukraine Kyiv Independent

New Polish foreign minister visits Kyiv on first overseas trip, pledging continued support for Ukraine Notes from Poland

Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov makes news Gilbert Doctorow

Mechanized Stalinism Big Serge Thought

The Caucasus

Corridor games in the South Caucasus. What are the stakes? View from Baku JAM News

The United States talks peace but means conflict: What is behind the new ambassador’s hasty arrival? AzeMedia

Azerbaijani regime rushes to cement legitimacy as internal tensions brew Eurasianet

South of the Border

Argentines to Prepare National Strike Against Milei’s Abuses TeleSur

Javier Milei’s Argentina looks to veteran diplomat to mend ties with China: reports South China Morning Post

The Geopolitical Ripple: How China-US Tensions Reshape Business in Latin America The Diplomat

Biden Administration

The Grifter Defense: The Bidens Move to Embrace Influence Peddling with a Twist Jonathan Turley


In Connecticut, a rare election do-over could oust a sitting mayor NBC News

Texas Republicans in one rural county will hand count ballots. Experts say it’s “a recipe for disaster.” Texas Tribune. See NC on hand counted ballots here.

The Supremes

Angry About Your Kid’s After-School Satan Club? Blame Clarence Thomas. The New Republic

Our Famously Free Press

When The New Yorker Tried to Preempt a Future Biden Impeachment Consortium News


Ethical Terminators, or how DoD learned to stop worrying and love AI: 2023 Year in Review Breaking Defense

Apple seeks multiyear deals with publishers to train its generative AI Interesting Engineering

Police State Watch

Out of Sight Bolts Mag. “Officials have responded to an overcrowding crisis in Texas’ largest jail by shipping more people from Houston to far-flung, for-profit lockups with even worse oversight.”

Groves of Academe

Open letter to the Columbia administration Rashid Khalidi, Mondoweiss

The Bezzle

Tesla Recalls May Be “Insufficient,” Cabin Cameras Also Appear to Be Overheating The Deep Dive

You’re Supposed To Be Glad Your Tesla Is A Brittle Heap Of Junk Defector

Hyperloop Ultra-High Speed Transport Is Hyper Dead Jalopnik

Elon Musk says it ‘establishes I’m not delusional’ about valuations when investors pile into his often turbulent ventures: ‘I’m not the sole decider’ Fortune

Did The Grand Theft Auto Hacker Do It With An Amazon Fire Stick While Under Police Custody? The Deep Dive

Class Warfare

2023 Is San Francisco’s Deadliest Year on Record for Drug Overdoses San Francisco Public Press

With some flight attendants on welfare, Alaska Airlines faces contract fight Seattle Times

Local communities keep trying to help workers. Corporate lobbyists and Florida politicians keep teaming up to stop them. Seeking Rents

Why Labor Unions Should Join the Housing Fight Law and Political Economy Project


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