What You Should Absolutely Never Order From Texas Roadhouse


People who love Texas Roadhouse keep coming back for the laid back atmosphere, the big cuts of steak, and the famous free peanuts, but there are some things on the restaurant’s menu that you should probably just avoid. Plenty of customers have held nothing back in their reviews of certain menu items, suggesting that the food is overcooked or old. In addition, employees have shared why there are certain menu items you should skip, and other selections have calorie counts so high that they’re not worth it. Let’s take a look at what you should absolutely never order from Texas Roadhouse.

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The Cactus Blossom | 0:00
Chicken fried steak | 1:11
Ribs | 1:47
Bread pudding | 2:37
20-ounce bone-in ribeye | 3:19
Porterhouse T-bone steak | 4:11
Burgers | 5:06
Prime rib | 5:43
Those free peanuts | 6:30

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