Shopping At The Mall, Staying In The Sheraton Stamford Hotel My Experience by Paula Abdul Sr.(3)


I shopped in the malls in Stamford Connecticut. I saw the great views and sights through my hotel window. But I also did a whole lot more. I talked about my clothes fine fashion, and about my make up set ups in slot of these blogs too. I had to do my own hair and makeup and be my own stylist for these events. So While I was in the process if doing all these things I made sine blogs and some videos of my journeys in Stamford Connecticut. I also visited the State of Georgia to make some new recordings for my new albums I am still striving to get of the ground. Hopefully it will work out! Have a blessed and wonderful day. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe because it does help the channel grow. From yours truly The Diamond Queen, Lifetime Queen Supreme SuperWoman Paula Abdul Sutton Sr./ Paula Abdul Sr. A.K.A. Paula Abdul 🥰.


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