Connecticut History Day


Connecticut History Day is a program for students in grades 6-12 that encourages exploration of local, state, national, and world history.

After selecting a historical topic that relates to an annual theme, students conduct extensive research using libraries, archives, museums, and oral history interviews.

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Students analyze and interpret their findings, draw conclusions about their topic’s significance in history, and create final projects that demonstrate their work.

These projects can be entered into a series of competitions, from the local to the national level, where professional historians and educators evaluate them.

Connecticut History Day is one of 57 affiliate programs of the highly regarded National History Day program.

Last year, over 5,200 middle and high school students at 98 schools in 56 Connecticut towns participated in CHD. CHD provides critical support for Social Studies education in Connecticut. Participating students gain confidence and develop skills that make them college and career ready.

Your support for Connecticut History Day will fund:
– Free outreach workshops for students
– Teacher training
– Six Regional Contests
– The CHD State Contest
– Scholarships for students and teachers to attend the NHD Contest at the Univ. of Maryland


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