Breaking! Gold and Silver are Legal Tender (Money) in Almost all 50 States!


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Check out what I found, family! We really are on the gold-standard (or close to it), behind the scenes!

Here are the 13 states that we knew had introduced or passed legislation to make gold/silver legal tender (to be used as money):,7%20OKLAHOMA%20…%208%20TEXAS%20…%20More%20items

Ohio signed a law making silver and gold lawful money:

As of Nov 2022, here is the list of states with sales tax and those without sales tax:
(not having a sales tax is an acknowledgement that gold and silver are and can be used as money):

Several states consider repealing sales tax on precious metals (thus releasing the metals to be used as money):

Bill introduced in Alaska would exempt sales tax on silver and gold:

Minnesota lawmakers seek sales tax exemption on gold and silver:

Why 42 States have removed taxes from the purchase of gold and silver:,and%20Sen.%20Stevens%20are%20pursuing%20a%20similar%20measure.

Moto Proprio, a letter from Pope Francis about the end of the D**p St*t* (Dr. Pruitt speaks on it):

Motu Proprio letter in writing (article):

Motu Proprio video:

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Cash App: $MamaKia13


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